Thursday, 26 March 2015

Choc-Free Easter? No problem!

If you don't want a choc-full Easter then this project is the answer and so much fun! Cascarones are a Latin American tradition of filling hollowed out, painted eggs with confetti and then smashing them on peoples heads. We think this is such an awesome idea, and that it would be a great way to celebrate! Eggshells can be brittle, so be careful making the hole in the top. You could experiment with filling the eggs with different things like sequins, glitter or coloured rice and you could stick stickers on the shell too. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Blogging v Instagram

Instagram has taken over from blogging for us. Here at Craft It Up we're working on several different projects and sadly, blogging isn't one of them! We'll keep the page here so you can dip into some of our old projects, but we'll now be over at CRAFTITUPBOOKS on Insta. See you there!

To tide you over....remember St Patricks Day is coming up? 

This is such a great baking project where you can sneak in some colour mixing, weights and measurements and safety drills. At least that's what we're telling ourselves. 

Monday, 22 December 2014


Craft It Up: Christmas Around the World Review

Craft It Up: Christmas Around the WorldCraft It Up: Christmas Around the World Review
Gifted byCico Kidz
Reviewed by Christina Hammond, Editor of

Christmas traditions around the world vary widely, yet all are just as magical as the last. Whether it's wearing bells around your wrist in Cuba, star gazing in India, or dancing with the Rockettes in New York City, there are many wonderful Christmas traditional around the world. In Craft It Up: Christmas Around the World, authors Libby Arabee and Cath Armstrong have gathered 35 fun crafts projects inspired by their travels around the world.  

You'll love this book; not only is it filled with wonderful Christmas crafts for the kids to make, but the authors have also given us plenty of fun facts about holiday traditions around the world.  Kids and adults are sure to learn something new while making some fun worldly Christmas crafts.  For example, not only will you have fun making a clothespin pom pom angel, you will also learn about Austria's tradition of the “Christkind,” the traditional Christmas gift-giver. And because the book is categorized by region, you can have the kids work their way around the globe. What a fun way to learn about the Christmas traditions around the world while having a blast with your family!

While the projects vary in skill level and use a variety of techniques, each project is beautifully photographed and includes simple step-by-step instructions, helping your little ones achieve delightful results. There are even some delicious treats to make, which are sure to get the kids excited to help in the kitchen. Get the kids involved and let their imaginations run wild as they make some magical and inspirational treasures. All of the projects in this festive book will make fantastic keepsakes or gifts for loved ones. 

No matter what projects you decide to make from this creative collection, everyone is sure to have a blast unleashing their creative abilities and learning about how things are done around the world. Kids will be proud to see their handiwork spreading happiness and the Christmas spirit. Craft It Up: Christmas Around the World is sure to be a holiday book you reach for again and again.


Monday, 1 December 2014

Pay It Forward Calendar. It's not too late!

Jen at CICO books has made a fabulous You Tube tutorial of our Pay It Forward Advent Calendar. It's not too late to spread the joy!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Reloved Magazine in the UK features 3 of our Christmas book projects!

It's so lovely seeing our projects in magazines. We're so pleased that Reloved magazine in the UK chose our Glacial Lace Hangings, Stacked Christmas Trees and Bondi Beach baubles.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Best magazine in the UK features our Poinsettia sack in their Christmas edition!

This project is an extra special one in the book because we used beautiful fabrics, some screen printed by hand right here in Sydney, by Prints Charming Original Fabrics. This sack is reasonably quick and easy. The key is using really gorgeous bright fabrics. If you're in Australia you can buy printed Prints Charming fabrics in Spotlight.